One of the directions of our company is complex delivery of IT the equipment and the software.  We carry out a complete examination, beginning from selection of the equipment finishing it control and installation.  The TEHNOBIT-M company cooperates with all leading domestic and western producers of the IT equipment. 

The choice of technical means can be based on priorities of the customer, in the form of the corporate standard, for example, or, on the contrary, to speak technical characteristics of the equipment in relation to its cost. Our experts will find the optimum solution at statement of any task. At the beginning of the activity the TEHNOBIT-M company was guided by global manufacturers of office equipment and the IT equipment. This way of completely justified. Such activity allows us to offer the clients the wide range of the advanced decisions and the highly professional equipment which entirely satisfy growing needs for this segment of the market for modern equipment. Such accent at an IT equipment choice from known producers isn't so casual. The majority of our customers among the most important factors which define priorities in the course of an equipment choice, is called by high quality, reliability of the equipment and its productivity. Similar characteristics, are generally inherent in the products released by world computer brands. 

Staff of our company maintains in Moscow productive business relations with many representations of manufacturing firms. Honest partnership, collecting, the analysis and use of operational information about let-out products, continuous participation in seminars and meetings, and also marketing programs of producers, - all this allows us to increase quality of provided services and to offer the clients the conditions of cooperation most favorable to them.

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